How do I set up AutoPay?

You may set up AutoPay through MyAccount (preferred method) or by submitting an AutoPay Form to

In MyAccount:

Login to your MyAccount

If you have One Customer Bill Package (One APG&E Billing Account Number)
Select the "PAYMENT" screen

You will need a Payment Profile in order to set up AutoPay.


You can set up a Payment Profile using a Credit Card or a Bank Account.

You can then choose to have this profile set up as your Default for your AutoPay

If you have more than one Payment Profile you can easily select which profile you would like to use for AutoPay

You can add multiple payment profiles to manage your account.

Some helpful information: 

When will my AutoPay be debited from my account?

  • 2 Business Days before your bill is due.
  • If your AutoPay fails on our first attempt, we will continue to try to debit until your due date.

I am set up on AutoPay, how did I get a disconnect notice?

  • Have you been on AutoPay for a while? Your AutoPay most likely failed. Please confirm that you have the most up to date information on file. View your AutoPay profile through MyAccount. I received a call/email from the APG&E collections team telling me that my AutoPay failed, what happened?
  • The most common reason that AutoPay fails is because your Credit Card has expired or was canceled.
    • You may update your Credit Card information through MyAccount.
  • If your Credit Card is up to date, please reach out to your financial institution to determine what has occurred. Please be sure to pay your bill to avoid interruption of service.

How can I update my AutoPay information?

  • You can update your AutoPay information through MyAccount.

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