High Bill?

Does your bill seem higher than normal?

Has the temperature been warmer or colder than normal?

  • Check your usage compared to this time last year. Is it the same, higher? Often we forget just how much electricity we actually use, especially when moving from a relatively pleasant month to one with more extreme temperatures.

Has your plan changed in some way?

  • The market is constantly changing and what your price was last year might not be the same as it is now. That does not mean it is a bad deal it just means that the economics have changed. 

Do you have an usual charge on your bill that you are not familiar with?

  • Was there a meter install? (this is a straight pass through from the utility)
  • Do you have a reconnect fee?

For a more detailed explanation of your charges please reach out to us! This is our business and we love to talk about it.

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