Historical Variable Month to Month Rates for Texas ERCOT Market

This variable rate for the deregulated market in Texas (ERCOT) may be adjusted either upward or downward.

Adjusted rates are in dollars/kWh.

All ESIDs are subject to a monthly fee of 8.95 is usage is less than 1,000 kWh/month and this fee was listed on your original contract.

Rates under the Variable Month-to-Month plan are as follows:

Month Houston Zone North Zone South Zone West Zone
Mar 2018 $0.12900/kWh $0.12900/kWh $0.12900/kWh $0.12900/kWh
Apr 2018 $0.14900/kWh $0.14900/kWh $0.14900/kWh $0.14900/kWh
May 2018 $0.14900/kWh $0.14900/kWh $0.14900/kWh $0.14900/kWh
Jun 2018 $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh
Jul 2018 $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh
Aug 2018 $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh
Sep 2018 $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh
Oct 2018 $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh $0.17400/kWh
Nov 2018 $0.19950/kWh $0.1950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Dec 2018 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Jan 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Feb 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Mar 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Apr 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
May 2019 $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh
Jun 2019 $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh
Jul 2019 $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh
Aug 2019 $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh $0.17950/kWh
Sep 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Oct 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Nov 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Dec 2019 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Jan 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Feb 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Mar 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Apr 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
May 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Jun 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Jul 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Aug 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Sep 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Oct 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Nov 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Dec 2020 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Jan 2021 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Feb 2021 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
Mar 2021 $0.16995/kWh $0.16995/kWh $0.16995/kWh $0.16995/kWh
April 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
May 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Jun 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Jul 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Aug 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Sep 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Oct 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Nov 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Dec 2021 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Jan 2022 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Feb 2022 $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh $0.21995/kWh
Mar 2022 $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh $0.19950/kWh
April 2022 $0.21950/kWh $0.21950/kWh $0.21950/kWh $0.21950/kWh
May 2022 $0.21950/kWh $0.21950/kWh $0.21950/kWh $0.21950/kWh
Jun 2022 $0.24450/kWh $0.24450/kWh $0.24450/kWh $0.24450/kWh
Jul 2022 $0.26950/kWh $0.26950/kWh $0.26950/kWh $0.26950/kWh
Aug 2022 $0.34950/kWh $0.34950/kWh $0.34950/kWh $0.34950/kWh
Sep 2022 $0.26900/kWh $0.26900/kWh $0.26900/kWh $0.26900/kWh
Oct 2022 $0.26900/kWh $0.26900/kWh $0.26900kWh $0.26900/kWh
Nov 2022 $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh
Dec 2022 $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh
Jan 2023 $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh
Feb 2023 $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh $0.24900/kWh
Mar 2023 $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh
Apr 2023 $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh
May 2023 $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh $0.23900/kWh
Jun 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Jul 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Aug 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Sept 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Oct 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Nov 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Dec 2023 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh
Jan 2024 $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh $0.22900/kWh

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