Can I get my deposit waived?

Residential Customers

You may be eligible to have your deposit waived if you meet certain criteria:

  • Provide a Letter of Credit showing that you have not been late paying a bill more than once during the last 12 consecutive months.
  • You are 65 years of age or older and are not currently delinquent in payment of any electricity accounts.
  • You are considered medically indigent as certified by a government entity or government funded energy assistance program and physician.
  • You have been declared a victim of family violence as defined in the Texas Family Code 71.004, by a family violence center as defined in Texas Human Resources Code 51.002, by treating medical personnel, by law enforcement personnel, by the Office of a Texas District Attorney or Country Attorney, by the Office of the Attorney General, or by a grantee of the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation.

Certification Letter for Victim of Family Violence

Please submit your documentation to or fax to 1-888-456-2085

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